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Yes, you have to install Windows 7.  it's the same as with any machine that you didn't upgrade.  There is nothing older to revert to. 
If the main issue is Edge, I don't see that you would gain much of anything by installing Windows 7.  Just install another browser such as Firefox or use Internet Explorer, which, we can assume, will be in Windows 10 until Edge is ready to properly fill its place. 
But I think using another browser would be a good idea since Internet Explorer is falling farther behind from a technical standpoint.  It's still getting security updates but it's falling increasingly behind in its ability to use modern web coding, if that's the correct term. 

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How about machines that came with Win10 installed?  Do you have to do a fresh install of Win7 if you decide  to get rid of win10?  The big issue for me is MS Edge!  Hopefully the August update will solve the related issues.





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If you take a full backup, including a system image (which is the critical thing in this case), you can also choose to roll-back to Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 after the 30-day built-in rollback expires or if it fails (and it sometimes has).

For anyone who is thinking they really want to go to Windows 10 my advice would be to make a system image backup of your current system to your external backup drive and do your upgrade today or tomorrow.  Once a given piece of hardware is licensed to run Windows 10 you can roll back to your earlier version if that's what you want for the time being and then install Windows 10 again, at no cost, at your desired time.  I intend to do this with my remaining two Windows 7 machines.

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