Re: Windows OneCore Voices Speed

Sarah k Alawami

Yep. I've done this. Have my 1 core set to 10 in system settings, 20 for speach and voice boost checked.

hope that helps a bit.

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On 23 Dec 2019, at 5:54, Jacob Kruger wrote:

In the voice settings dialogue, if MS one-core voice is selected as synthesizer, if you tab past speech rate slider, there's a checkbox to boost the speech rate, which can make it rather fast?

This is from one of the relatively new versions of NVDA, but anyway.

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On 2019-12-23 3:44 PM, kelby carlson wrote:
Is there a way to increase the speed of the Windows 1 Core Voices while using them with NVDA? Even set at 100%, the rate is still extremely slow.

Kelby Carlson

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