Re: Eloquence in XP and Windows 10

g melconian

Haryth, I do agree with you on this one.

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After the eloquence for android ripoff
I won't purchase any Code Factory product in the future.
they have the poorest license check and fix if error bit it.
among all the paid software I've known and used.
plus From the way of their updates routine, It look like they higher temp developers to patch and leave.

On 12/23/19, Gene <> wrote:
For anyone still using XP who is interested, Code Factory states that
MSAPI5 Eloquence works in Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10. I tried it on
my XP Service Pack 3 machine today and it runs properly. Many years
ago, I tried it on another XP machine I no longer have running Service
Pack 2. It ran in that as well so it will probably run in XP in general.

Also, since an MSAPI5 synthesizer should run in any program that
MSAPI5 speech, it should run in the beta versions of NVDA as well as
in the earlier versions. So it should make no difference if you are
going to use the new versions as they come out or continue to use an old one.


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