Re: NVDA Is Misbehaving On My computer

Larry Wang

NVDA starts reading web pages by default.Just turn off Automatic Say All on page load in browse mode settings.

As for the crash there can be various reasons.

It can be corrupted system files, low end hardware ,Windows bug or issues of NVDA itself.

Please provide more information.

Which site cannot be read?

Can you reproduce it and attach a log file.

On 2019/12/26 11:11, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:
Hi good people:
I'm having problems with my NVDA screen reader.  I have this problem
when I am on the internet, using firefox to be precise.
The problem is that when I open some web pages, NVDA just starts
reading uncontrollably: when I attempt to stop the reading by pressing
an arrow key, it doesn't stop: after some seconds, it stops, and goes
dead.  In some cases after about a minute or two, it will start
reading, when I scroll.
On some other pages, when that happens, the screen reader does not
read the page at all.  In some cases, it goes dead all together for
some time.  When it comes back to life, it never reads the page.  Many
times I just hear icon icon.  Some times, when the title of the page
is announced, but the page is not read, I understand then that the
page has opened, and I have to copy it to the clip board, and pate it
on a word processor, in order to be able to read it.
I hope you chaps understand this problem, it appears difficult.  I
don't understand it.
Why is the screen reader behaving this way.
I use a windows 7 32bit computer, and I have the latest version of the
screen reader on my computer.
I scan my computer on a daily basis, with microsoft security essential.
I use firefox because I have all my bookmarks on that browser, and I
did attempt a transfer of the bookmarks to the favorites on internet
explorer, but I was unsuccessful.
I hope I can get some help with this problem.
Kind regards.

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