winamp is invisible with extention

ken lawrence

Hi list I have continued to fiddle with the NVDA reenabling the winamp extention then removing it and reinstalling it but still it is as if NVDA can’t see.  The functionality is still there but arrowing up or down just see “list item. Insirt t does’t talk it can’t read anything on my computer with1.2 installed.  And I can’t mute or change volume or view how must time is left in a song without the winamp extention.  I can’t believe it’s just my computer.  Should I wait and update windows 10 to the 1909 version and then try it?  As mentioned it ca’t even tell me I’m sitting on winamp with the extention. If I prep a show in advance I like to use winamp because I have better control of hearing what sounds right with what.  I can’t believe it’s just me what is wrong with 1.2 winamp extention? 


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