NVDA Buzzing and Speaking in a Compressed Way During Keyboard Input on a Fast Laptop

Luke Davis


Today I acquired an MSI laptop. Intel I7 Hexacore 2.6 GHZ (4.5 burst), 32 GB RAM, 64 bit.

I ran 2019.2.1 as a portable without problem, and installed 2019.3 beta. Then I updated from Windows 110 Home 1709 to 1809, and noticed the following weird behavior. I subsequently updated to 1909, and nothing has changed.
I have never seen this before.

Using either ESpeak or OneCore, whenever I type quickly or move the mouse, I find that speech either hangs up in bad robotic sounding buzzes, or gets really "small", like a munchkin version of the synth in use.

It is a bit hard to describe. So I made a small recording:

It happens always when I am typing quickly, or just moving quickly through a file list with the arrow keys. As you can hear from the file, it even happens periodically when I am typing slowly.

This is really unacceptable.

I purged 2019.3 and installed 2019.2.1, but the same behavior continues.

If this were the old days, I would think there was some kind of IRQ conflict between the keyboard and the audio subsystem.
It's been so long since I have had to solve that kind of problem though, that I'm not immediately sure how to diagnose it.

Any thoughts would be welcome.


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