Re: NVDA Buzzing and Speaking in a Compressed Way During Keyboard Input on a Fast Laptop


You may have to click about in a visual audio control panel.

I used ocr to get me to listening tab, then moved the mouse round to audio enhancements which I clicked then there is another audio enhancements button to click and it will turn off.

The issue with audio enhancements isn't the enhancements its that speech is to short of a sample of sound to get full effect of the enhancement.

These are used to well make the computers sound good because speakers in them suck.

In my aunt's entry level laptop, not only do I need to have enhancements on, I need the volume on max.

Without enhancements the audio through the speakers suck for internals at any rate.

On my workstation, running with a say ms driver has the sound to overdriven so it needs enhancements and also needs drivers to switch out to headphones else you will get sounds doing weird thhings with limiters etc even when most of them are switched off.

I do have a powerfull amp and 2 wat speakers so it does work better with enhancements off.

Of course when out you can use headphones when at home you can use speakers.

If those really get you that brassed you can buy a cheap soundcard from atguys, recording with that results in a bit of bus noise from the microphone bleedthrough but its quite slight.

On 29/12/2019 7:39 pm, Jeff Samco wrote:
Thank you, Luke.   Your instructions got me to the same place I had found on my own. But, I don't find an enhancements checkbox or anything similar. After  Exclusive mode is just a Restore Defaults.  This has me stumped.
I am working with my default sound device which is RealTech speakers.
Any other words of advice?

At 10:06 PM 12/28/2019, you wrote:
On Sat, 28 Dec 2019, Jeff Samco wrote:

I had  similar behavior for me start up about 3 weeks ago. I use current NVDA public release on a Windows 10 laptop. I have RealTech sound but cannot locate
where to check enhancements. I looked in Sound Link oin Control Panel but couldn't find anything for enhancements. Can someone direct me?

Press Windows, and type:
The first thing should be sound in settings. Press enter on that.

You should then find that your primary output device is selected automatically from the dropdown provided. If not, select it.
Then tab once to "Device properties" and press enter.
Next you tab (I believe) seven times, to "Additional device properties", and press enter.
Press shift tab, which takes you to the tabs of the properties window, and move right to "Advanced".

Tab from there until you find the enhancements checkbox, if you have one, and uncheck it. It should be right after "exclusive mode". Then hit apply or OK, and the rest is just getting back out.

There are more straight forward ways of getting to those settings right now, but that's the one I used tonight, so it's most fresh in my mind.



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