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Hmmm its some note taking app it allows you to draw on it but I don't use it.
Its like a scratch pad I think.

On 29/07/2016 2:07 p.m., Pauline Smith wrote:
What exactly is OneNote? What does it do?


On 7/28/2016 7:38 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Well while not exactly windows10 related, it seems that journal is
being retired because its not secure.
Here's the thing, onenote seems to currently be free and I wander
if the blind can use it.
I don't want or need it exactly but I would be interested if it was
actually usable.

On 29/07/2016 10:58 a.m., Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:
Iupgraded to windows 10 almost a year ago and have found that you can do
pretty much the same things as in windows 7.

On 7/28/2016 2:15 PM, Alexander Masic wrote:
I really hate that rumers wich flouting around in the blind community.
for you who is so critical to window 10, explay for me what you can do
in e.g windows 7, but not in windows 10! Igues nothing. everything
works well in window 10 as in windows 7, but some tasks you nead to do
in anothe way. So upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade!!!!!

I have run windows 10 for almost 1 year now and i cant se anything i
really missing.

Yes! off course there is things who nead to be improved, e.g edge and
things like that. However you are able to do easy same things in
windows 10 as in windows 7.

So i,m still waiting from you an explanation from you who is so
critical, an really made propaganda to other blind to not upgrade a
reason why?

Den 2016-07-28 kl. 22:18, skrev Shaun Everiss:
Good luck is all I will say.
The servers will be overloaded with lastcomers and that means a
long wait for all you laters.

On 29/07/2016 4:18 a.m., Scott VanDeWalle wrote:
Hi, i'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if you are at
considering upgrading to win 10 you should do it today.
That way for one thing you will not have to worry about having to
pay attention to that thing about win 10 being free for users of
assistive technology. I don't know, but i bet the process is a
pain to
do and myself, i just would not want to bother with it.
Not telling yall what to do but if it was me and i did not yet have a
copy of windows 10, i'd be really worried right now. smile.
Have a nice day and good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Original message:
I would hate to be the person that decides to update after tomorrow.
On 7/28/16, Brian's Mail list account <>
Not for us blind folk I understand somehow we have at least
to do it according to news I've read but in fact I'd like to know
how it
knows you are blind.
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well it won't matter anyway.
win10 upgrade ends tomorrow so it won't matter much.

On 28/07/2016 6:54 p.m., Felix G. wrote:
at there is a tool
which can
Win 10 related activity on Win 7 machines, according to the
looks very well put together and worked for me.
Had a forced install happen on my machine at home. It rebooted,
a few hours it came back as Win 10. I just kept it but I sure
the experience of having it forced upon me. Paradoxically I
wanted it
anyway but still this does make a philosophical difference.
Felix Gr├╝tzmacher
David Russell <> schrieb am Do., 28.
um 04:26 Uhr:
Hello group,
Late this afternoon I began having troubles in earnest with
windows 10
forcing an install. NVDA did not read this was occurring, it
was all
behind the scenes according to my wife who is sighted.
I did go to control panel, windows update, change settings and
the install automatic updates. This was suggested by an
article at
make use of .com. It did not work.
My wife was able to again stop the install, but the problem is
to occur when my computer goes into low power mode, after not
used for a few minutes.
This is quite disconcerting and evidently a widespread problem,
just mine or a few others. Any thoughts?
David Russell
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