info difference depending on manner of navigation

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

this is just a curiosity question ... I was looking at a website called People Per Hour, a site for freelance jobs. I've only just joined and was investigating the various links on one of the pages.

I don't know what you will find if you're not a member, but this is the page I was on:

Down at the bottom of the page are links to the People Per Hour social media profiles. There are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

What I noticed the first time, navigating down the page with the down cursor arrow, is that NVDA just says "link", "link", "link" and "link". The second time I navigated that part of the page I used the k shortcut key and when I navigate that way I hear "link Facebook", "link Twitter", "link LinkedIn" and "link Instagram".

Why does NVDA describe the link when using the k shortcut when it doesn't when navigating line by line with the up and down cursor keys or doing read all? I wasn't aware of any mechanism like ALT tags for graphics for adding extra info to links that aren't graphical.


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