Re: Vocalizer expressive driver question

Greg Wocher


When I try to access this file it is asking for a username and log in. I tried my vocalizer account info and it would not let me in.

Greg WOcher     

On 12/30/2019 7:44 AM, Rui Fontes wrote:



It is not yet published on our webpage, but you can download from:


Best regards,


Rui Fontes
Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 11:52 de 30/12/2019, Greg Wocher escreveu:

Hello all,

I have a license for the vocalizer expressive voices from Tiflotecnia. I am running NVDA 2019.3 beta 1. I thought there was suppose to be a new version of the driver that would work with this version of NVDA. However when I go to the website to download the driver it is still the same one I have now that does not work with NVDA 2019.3. When will the new driver be put up to download?

Greg Wocher

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