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Mark <marktyler2014@...>

Well I will not be asking a question on here again

Just damb rood



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From: Hareth
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If you were trying to shout your voice loud. You've failed big-time.

Cool off man! Its a brand new year.

On 12/29/19, Robert Kingett <kingettr@...> wrote:

> And, again, talk, to, the! Developers! Of! The! Add, on! This list only

> provided a temporary patch. so, again, talk! To! The! Developers! Of! The!

> Add! on! As of now, there have been no announcements or anything from the

> developers regarding Python 3 compatibility . I dunno how to say this any

> clearer. As of now, no. Assume it will not work. But start emailing, the,

> developers. The developers! The developers, the developers! It won't work

> until further notice.





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