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OK, it's time to refer people back to the group rules:
Respectful, even if slightly heated, disagreements will occur occasionally and will be tolerated provided what is described next does not occur.  Flaming, name calling, instigating arguments for their own sake that do nothing to advance anyone’s knowledge, pointed rudeness, and similar boorish behavior will not be tolerated.  If at any point one of you happens upon a message anywhere in the NVDA Group sphere, main or chat, that fits the preceding description then please report it to the group owner either via e-mail at, nvda+owner@nvda.groups.io, or, if you read via the web interface at https://nvda.groups.io/g/nvda/topics, then use the Report this message option that’s a part of the More button at the end of each message.  Please don’t add a protest message the topic.  If we receive a report and agree with it, the issue will be taken care of promptly.

The reason for that being included is that topics that become about someone being rude and circling around that do nothing to advance group goals and, to be perfectly frank, are tiresome.  This is all the more so when someone has become frustrated about the same topic, and NVDA Remote and its possible demise is one of them, keeps coming up again and again and the answer does not really change, and it hasn't in this case.

Every once in a while someone will be rude.  It happens.  Etiquette lectures are not on-topic for this group.

If you think an offense is serious enough to warrant intervention, then please report it.  Reporting it does not necessarily mean that the group owner nor myself will agree, but there will be times we do, and will address the issue, most likely via private message.  If it's run of the mill vituperation, which occurs between adults, then please just let it go or take it up via private message, not on the group.


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