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Hi Mark, Yes, I agree with that poster who said don’t be afraid to ask questions on list.  I myself have said things out of line on here witch I shouldn’t have said.  Whoever was rude might be going through issues of his or her own.  That gives no reason to write rude posts.  I know we all have disagreements on here. If we are going to post them. We all should be careful what we post.  I have to do the same thing.  In any event. Let’s have a happy Janury 1 and the rest of the year helping each other and be cheerful.


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From: Hareth
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Please don't let any people's online behavior stops your  posting.

Unfortunately some got it in their heads that they own the whole internet.

and can be as rude as they wish whenever feel like it.

Fortunately we have  PC's and connection as well, and can respond to

rudeness if required.

I feel sorry for them, if they didn't even feel the new year just been started.

Happy new year to all.


On 1/1/20, Mark via Groups.Io <marktyler2014@...> wrote:

> Well I will not be asking a question on here again

> Just damb rood

> Mark.

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> From: Hareth

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> Robert!

> If you were trying to shout your voice loud. You've failed big-time.

> Cool off man! Its a brand new year.

> On 12/29/19, Robert Kingett <kingettr@...> wrote:

>> And, again, talk, to, the! Developers! Of! The! Add, on! This list only

>> provided a temporary patch. so, again, talk! To! The! Developers! Of!

>> The!

>> Add! on! As of now, there have been no announcements or anything from the

>> developers regarding Python 3 compatibility . I dunno how to say this any

>> clearer. As of now, no. Assume it will not work. But start emailing, the,

>> developers. The developers! The developers, the developers! It won't work

>> until further notice.









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