Re: Finding text in an email

Antony Stone

My recommendation is to turn off HTML mode.

That not only disables pointless graphics, but also avoids quite a number of
malware and phishing attempts.

I can't tell you how to do this in Outlook 2019 specifically (maybe someone
else here can), but it might give you a good pointer for what to look for in
the menus.

PS: On this topic, *please* can people on this list avoid sending HTML-only
(rather than either text-only or mixed text+HTML) emails? Plenty of people
disable HTML emails by default, and especially on this list, I don't see any
good reason for sending such emails. Thanks in advance :)


On Wednesday 01 January 2020 at 20:39:09, Janet Brandly wrote:

Hello all,

Many emails I get contain logos and other types of graphics. I'm using
Outlook 2019. Is there an NVDA key command to bypass the graphics and
navigate directly to the text? The "read all" command does not work



If you can't find an Open Source solution for it, then it isn't a real problem.

Please reply to the list;
please *don't* CC me.

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