Re: Can't update Vocalizer with NVDA's latest?


Anyone who wants it on can  turn it on but it shouldn't be the default.  Most programs, don't asume you want to save changes and will ask if you close the program.  At the least, NVDA should do the same, if the developers want this setting as the default. 

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Can't update Vocalizer with NVDA's latest?

I dunno, for me save settings is a good idea on exit as I often fail to save, evenin word documents etc. It's bitten me in classes, I dont' want ti to bite me in nvda.

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On 2 Jan 2020, at 11:15, Gene wrote:

I would suggest getting the beta, creating a portable version, and trying the add-on with it so you can be prepared and see any possible problems now.  Also, reporting them might be useful.
In addition, I have said before that automatically save settings when you close the program is a very bad default setting.  If you close it, or for some reason you close it by shutting down Windows, any experimental settings will be saved and will be the new settings used when you run the program.  It would be a very good idea to turn this setting off and save that change with control NVDA key c. 
If you switch to the new voices and you have silence, you can then simply use control shift r and apply the saved configuration, which will run the voice you use when the program comes up.  You won't get into a loop where the silent voice is automaticallly saved and comes up when you run the program or revert to the saved configuration. 
Of course, if the program freezes, you will have to deal with that and then run the program again. 
I strongly believe that automatically save settings on exit is a very poor default setting and that very serious consideration be given to changing it.  People can get into all sorts of trouble with this setting being on and new users, in particular, should be free to experiment as much as they want with different settings and not have them inadvertently saved, when it isn't their intent. 
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Subject: [nvda] Can't update Vocalizer with NVDA's latest?

I tried going ahead and updating to the new Vocalizer Driver, but because I’m still running NVDA’s latest stable version it won’t allow for the update, thus I’ve several questions for when the time comes to update myNVDA; I’m worried I’ll have to cope with a silent NVDA, and my family doesn’t know much of technology or computers, to be able to if this should arise, help me out in the meantime.

1.-What’s the best course of action, then when updating to the latest NVDA when it comes out, so that I won’t be without a voice, when the NVDA runs? If I install the Beta of NVDA in portable mode, and I update Vocalizer that way, will the upgraded voice come up speaking when the actual stable NVDA IS RELEASED?

2.-Because I’ve Vocalizer to run as my default voice, would you guys recommend then maybe defaulting to a windows10 voice to be on the safe side, and then update the Vocalizer Driver from that perspective?

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