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For the benefit of anyone using an English (British) Keyboard layout, the Euro (€) can also be generated by holding down the right hand Alt key (Labelled “Alt Gr”) and pressing the number 4 on the top row.




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On Fri, Jan 3, 2020 at 11:12 AM, Ralf Kefferpuetz wrote:

Yes, also pressing the alt key right of your space bar in combination with the letter e will produce the euro sign

This must be on a European keyboard that has the ALT-Gr key at the right side, as on my US keyboard ALT+E, regardless whether using the left or right ALT key, gets me the Edit menu in most programs, but never types the Euro symbol.

For those who do not have a numeric keypad on their keyboards I'd suggest using the Windows built-in program Character Map.  You can use the search for field to search for a symbol by name.  Searching for Euro sign brings up only two characters, the Euro currency sign (which is not the Euro sign) and the Euro sign, which is named exactly that.  I haven't figured out whether there is a way to get the status line at the bottom to read the actual ALT plus digits key sequence one can use, but it does display.  Someone else may know that.  You can, however, select the character and copy it for pasting out of character map.  I often find myself doing just this for the degree symbol, as I never seem to recall the ALT plus digits shortcut for it and that character is not on my keyboard.

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