Kevin Huber

Thanks Brian:

I will look into that.
Kevin Huber

On 7/29/16, Brian Vogel <> wrote:

Typically, so long as the user is logged into any Google service
under the userid that is necessary, direct links even "deep into the bowels"
of another Google service they're authorized to use will work. I'd
definitely look into bookmarking the direct link to the page she uses most
often, then emphasizing that she should either keep herself logged in to
Gmail or log herself into Gmail before activating that bookmark. Also, of
course, all of this must occur under a single web browser. It does no good
if you're logged into your Google account for Gmail under IE and then try to
access the Google Classroom site using, for instance, Chrome. The cookies
that identify the user and that they're logged in have to be shared.

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