Re: Can't update Vocalizer with NVDA's latest?

Laughing Thunder

You cannot be stuck without a voice as NVDA will default to the Windows 10 voices if it can't load Vocalizer or any other synthesizer. I'll have to leave your other questions to others on this list as I don't have time to answer them right now.

On 1/2/2020 10:31 AM, Gerardo Corripio wrote:

I tried going ahead and updating to the new Vocalizer Driver, but because I’m still running NVDA’s latest stable version it won’t allow for the update, thus I’ve several questions for when the time comes to update myNVDA; I’m worried I’ll have to cope with a silent NVDA, and my family doesn’t know much of technology or computers, to be able to if this should arise, help me out in the meantime.

1.-What’s the best course of action, then when updating to the latest NVDA when it comes out, so that I won’t be without a voice, when the NVDA runs? If I install the Beta of NVDA in portable mode, and I update Vocalizer that way, will the upgraded voice come up speaking when the actual stable NVDA IS RELEASED?

2.-Because I’ve Vocalizer to run as my default voice, would you guys recommend then maybe defaulting to a windows10 voice to be on the safe side, and then update the Vocalizer Driver from that perspective?

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