Re: nvda 2019.3 addons notice

Gerardo Corripio

No wonder day before yesterday, when NVDA started, an update Window came up on the AddOn Updater; when I went into check for updates manually via NVDA+h and A, it insisted that there were no updates available and gave the Close button. So this is why this is happening then for those with NVDA 2019.2.1. thanks for the headsup. I thought maybe I was going crazy!

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El 4 ene 2020, a la(s) 11:31 a.m., Shaun Everiss <> escribi├│:


To all of you that are getting invalid updates on addons, right now you should go to nvda/preffs/addonupdate settings.

Uncheck the automatic update checks, hit ok.

Save the settings as usual.

Then close nvda and then open it again.

This will stop the annoying popup asking to update.

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