Add-on Updater 20.01.1 #addonrelease


Hi all,


First, apologies for compatibility issues many of you have experienced with recent releases from me. As a result, I’m delaying release wave 4 (Control Usage Assistant, Enhanced Touch Gestures, GoldWave, Object Location Tones) until NVDA 2019.3 release candidate is released (originally scheduled for January 6th).


Add-on Updater 20.01.1 is on its way. This release rectifies shortcomings discovered in 20.01 by:


  1. Mentioning steps to pause add-on updates: if you are using NVDA 2019.2.1 or earlier, an additional text has been added to the message you get after installing this add-on, telling you how you can pause automatic add-on update checks for now (until 2019.3 is released).
  2. Release context matters: because NVDA 2019.3 is in beta testing phase, message text shown for 2019.2.1 users will reflect whether or not 2019.3 stable version is available or not.
  3. Focus on the message: the first time you restart NVDA after installing this add-on, automatic add-on update check will be paused. This is to ensure that you focus on the message, understand it, and take necessary steps. Automatic add-on update check will resume after restarting NVDA a second time provided that you didn’t pause automatic add-on update check facility. Manual add-on update check will still function.


Originally I was going to partially revert recent update releases, but decided against that because:


  1. It will break features in one or more add-ons (this affects StationPlaylist users the most).
  2. It will lead to further confusion, especially for people using NVDA 2019.3 alpha/beta where an “upgrade” is really a downgrade.





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