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It sounds to me as though the installation froze for some reason.  In such a case, I doubt a standard cancel option would accomplish anything, but developers may have a different opinion.  It would be interesting to try the installation again as an experiment.  Instead of a typical cancel option, perhaps something that actually stops the operation by using the task manager or some way of forcing a shutdown when you issue the cancel command would be a better idea, inn other words forcing a shutdown, not what I would think a typical cancel option does.  My guess is that a typical cancel closes the installation utility but doesn't force a shutdown.  But I'm just speculating and those with more technical information may correct me.

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usually some of the drives USB ones and sticks are pretty quick. I ended up shutting down the computer after 20 or so minute It was a 16 gig stick formatted correctly.

Yet another stick may be very quick in less than a minute.

I do think in cases like this one I wonder if a cancel button could be put in or do you just grin and bare it until it is done? how ever long it takes.

Gene nz

On 5/01/2020 5:04 pm, Gene wrote:
Thumb drives are a great deal slower than hard drives.  I always do such things on the hard drive, then copy or move the program wherever I want. 
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Subject: [nvda] Time to make a portable etc

Hi guys

I am in the process of making a portable version of nvda that I am
putting onto a usb stick. I downloaded nvda 2019.2.1 then clicked on it
to make the portable version as usual

Has any one on the list when they have gone to do this have it take 5 or
10 minutes or longer? I thought it might of been this 16 gig stick been
slow and the message still is not telling me it has been done.

But I was also thinking because you can not close the screen etc until
it is done could maybe a cancel button be put into it if it takes this
period of time to cancel the process.

It might of been quicker to make it on the hard drive then copy it across.

I can not stop the process unless i shut down the pc.


Gene nz

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