Re: say all not working in nvda beta


On Sun, Jan 5, 2020 at 12:24 PM, Carlos wrote:
Next time I will clutter up the list with my log files instead of sending in to someone who has better knowledge and can fix things without having the list full of submitted log files!
No, you won't.  And neither will other members as a matter of routine course.  There are occasions where one of the participants here who happens to be a developer asks for a log, then and only then is posting of same appropriate.

Users of NVDA have the GitHub site that allows them to directly search existing issues and/or create new issues.  This is a direct line to the NVDA development team.  One of my goals this year for myself is trying to get in to the steps to create a GitHub account, search NVDA issues, add comments to existing issues when appropriate, or create a new issue when one exists.

The NVDA group itself is not the correct mechanism for communicating with those doing NVDA development.  If you luck out it works sometimes, but that's what it is, lucking out.

It's not a problem to post saying you have an issue and asking if others are experiencing it.  But one thing that users of any software need to understand is that most issues are idiosyncratic, not global.  If you're having an issue and there are many responses that others are not having it the probability is that something is wrong on your machine, whether with that software or some underlying aspect of the operating system.  When there are a ton of "I'm not having any issue" responses then the correct thing to do is start looking at your own machine first.  The problem likely resides there, and will be resolved there, too.


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