Re: creating start page with Firefox using NVDA


You already know how to open options.  Once you have done so, turn off browse mode or you won't see the list of categories.  The command to toggle it off and on is NVDA space.
Now shift tab, its closer, until you get to the list.  NVDA says list. 
Down arrow to home.  Turn browse mode on again and start tabbing.  If something is unclear, up or down arrowing from where you are may provide explanatory text, I haven't checked carefully enough to be sure.
You will get to a combo box where you select what you want, a blank page, a user determined page, or the Firefox page. 
Work with the combo box as usual, open it with alt down arrow and look through it.  Tab after you find what you want and in one or two tabs, you'll see options if you select the user URL.  You will see a combo box that repeats what you have been working with such as user URL but don't worry about that.  I think it’s the same one but again, I didn't check.  I just knew it was irrelevant and I kept tabbing. 
You probably know how to do the rest, your problem was probably that you didn't know how to get to the list of categories by going into forms mode. 

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Using the latest version of NVDA and Firefox on a Windows 10 computer
also using the latest build, how do you create a start page in Firefox?
Please be detailed with the instructions as it looks so different than
older versions of FF? Thanks.

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