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Hello Dan,
You can do this in Windows ten or Windows seven without any extra program.
As MP3 files are compressed, you can’t use the normal burn process in Windows media player for Audio CDs, these must be Wav at 44k and 16 bit.
So you need to burn a data CD.
My notes below go through the steps.

burning data CD to use in a CD player.


insert a CD.

the message, how do you want to use this disc comes up.

either tab through it or close it with Alt f4, I did the latter,


If you have a this pc icon on the desktop press it, or press the windows key and type in pc, press enter,

my DVD drive is at the botton if the drive is expanded, if not use right arrow on devices and drives to expand it,

focus on the DVD icon and press it,

we are now back to the original message as to what we want to do with this disc,

The first choice is as a USB drive, you don’t want that in your case,

tab to the second item to burn as a disc which can be used on a CD player and press enter,

wait for the disc to format and then backspace to the list of drives in this pc window,

locate the file or folder you want to use, in documents in my case, ,

press the context menu and use send to, choose  DVD drive and press enter.

This givves files ready to be burned to disc and it is announced.

press back space to go back to This pc,

down to DVD drive and press enter to check the files waiting,

press back space again to go bac to this pc and the DVD icon,


press the context menu where you will find burn to disc, press enter on this,

tab and adjust recording speed as necessary,

tab to close the wizard after burn checkbox,

tab to next and press enter,

we get option to make an audio CD or make a data CD, choose data CD,

tab to next and press enter,

the burn starts, when finished the disc is ejected, this may only happen if it is set to do so in the relevant menu.


 Note that your CD player must be capable of playing MP3 files, usually this is the case with modern players, mine is ten years old and this works alright.


#Good luck.


Best Regards, Jim.

From: Dan Beaver
Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2020 6:53 PM
Subject: [nvda] burning mp3s to cd with NVDA

I have some mp3 files that I want to burn to a cd.  I have tried using the normal burning method via windows media player but it says it can't burn some of the files and doesn't want to burn any of them.  I thought I had another way using FreemakeVC but it will only convert audio files, it won't burn them to a CD.

Does anyone know of another way that is compatible with NVDA?  Looking at google shows a ton of them but no indication which is NVDA compatible.  Free would be better too. :)



Dan Beaver (KA4DAN)
Dan Beaver (KA4DAN)

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