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Oh okay, How does one set up a gmail account on another device? I had a friend trying to set up my gmail to the I pad we share. it wouldn’t let her do it. could it be that she had her mail set up on it and it remembered  her? it would not allow her to put my gmail to it. it wanted to ask a security question. We did that and it still did not allow the I pad to be set up.  Has Gmail changed its site lately? I wrote down my password we put it in. and it still would not work. this is why I asked here.   


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            You can be logged in to your Gmail account from multiple devices in multiple locations at the same time.  There is no need to log out of any of them.  I am routinely logged in to my Gmail accounts, plural, via my laptop and smartphone and very often another desktop computer, too.  It is not necessary to log out on any one of those devices to log in on any others.


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