Re: is this a bug in NVDA 19.2?


You are using the add-on and Therefore, the question should be, is it a bug in the add-on, not in NVDA. 
The add-on generally works well.  Perhaps there is something about your system that makes the add-on unable to detect if a change occurred.
This page gives a little information about how the add-on works.  It may or may not give you any ideas about what the problem might be but you will have a little better idea of how it works, if you didn't read it before.

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Sent: Monday, January 06, 2020 1:33 AM
Subject: [nvda] is this a bug in NVDA 19.2?

hi friends,
I have Asus laptop window 8 Operating System running on my machine
with NVDA 19.2
What i have noticed is, when I select any content and copy, It gets
copy but NVDA says no change.
Where is the problem?
Is this a bug in NVDA?
I will be thankful to you for the help.

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