Re: NVDA add-on Developer toolkit 2020.2 is now available!

Andy B.

To clarify the use case scenario for Developer toolkit, its audience is any blind or visually impaired software/web developer who is required to create user interfaces such as desktop UI elements, or web pages through the use of pure CSS, HTML, or any other page layout framework like Bootstrap, React, JQuery, or front-end frameworks like Angular, DJango, Flask, and others. It isn't a desktop publishing assistant. Therefore, it doesn't work in Word, Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, and Creative Suite. Although Creative Suite output is nothing more than web content, so Developer toolkit will help in this case. Some of the frameworks Developer toolkit works with include: Native Win32 GUI objects, MFC GUI objects, dgango, Flask, Python, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and any framework based upon it, WX (a Python GUI library), Java and Swing, .net Winforms, .net Webforms, and a whole host of others I can't name.

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This will work with web browsers at this time, as it is mostly meant for web developers and accessibility specialists.




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I just had a look at the details of this add-on. It sounds very promising, yet I am not quite sure where—i.e., in which application—I can use it. Can this be activated when working in MS Word or any other text-editing program?







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Subject: [nvda] NVDA add-on Developer toolkit 2020.2 is now available!




I have released Developer toolkit 2020.2. It comes with many new exciting features and bug fixes. Take a look and download it from the following link:



Feel free to let me know if you have any additional features/bug fixes for any upcoming releases.

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