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Well, here again, I am going to lock a topic.

I actually proposed the idea of forking remote and integrating it into NVDA myself, on the recently locked topic  NVDA remote.  It appears from what Joseph Lee wrote that the idea is being entertained, and that at least one of the original developers of NVDA Remote is (or was) in discussions with the folks at NV Access with regard to the future of the add-on.

One of my resolutions this year as moderator is to put a stop to topics that are just repetitions of topics that have been discussed, at length, mere days before and where there is absolutely no value in having the same discussion again since nothing has changed.  That is but one of the reasons for several of the NVDA Group Rules:

1.  Use threaded or conversation view in your e-mail client program or webmail and reading through the entirety of a topic before replying.  It gets you completely up to speed and avoids a lot of repetition.  If you choose not to use threaded/conversation view, please take the time to read through all messages from the group that are in your inbox prior to adding any reply to the group.  It’s the only way you can be sure you’re up to speed on any topic when not using threaded/conversation view.

2. If you have reason to believe your question has likely been asked and answered in the past please search the Group Archive first before asking it again.  Step-by-Step instructions for searching the group archive using the Groups.io search or a web search engine of your choosing: Searching_the_NVDA_Group_Archive.docx

I'll extend #2 to include having reason to believe any given topic has been covered, particularly in the very recent past.  And I don't believe that most memories are so short that five days ago wouldn't be within the memory of most members who are participating routinely.

Traffic is really high on this group by comparison to many others.  Beating dead horses, or at least not allowing hospitalized horses to be cared for when it's been noted they are hospitalized just days ago, serves no one.

Topic locked.

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