why release a version called 2019.x

Davy Cuppens

Hi folks
Wakywaky we are 2020 I know and understand that NVDA has put off its release due to reported software bugs. But supposing last month we had a version jaws 2019.X, in november their version was already given the name 2020 which is normal and gives also a modern look on your software name in this year. Therefore I hope the devs won(t be lagging behind in their name choice of the version and move it to NVDA2020. If you chose the year as software reference then NVDA is obliged to do so.
Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2020 9:26 PM
Subject: [nvda] Quick update for everyone

Hi All,


I just upgraded to the 19.3 Beta 1 version of NVDA.

A quick report shows the NVDA app much more responsive.

I also upgraded my plugins with no troubles – it all seems to work perfectly.

Last I upgraded to the NVDA Ellequence plugin for VI version III and Ellequence is even more responsive.


Thanks for all the great work guys.





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