BARD Express with NVDA still don’t get along fully

Gerardo Corripio

I updated my Bard Express to version2, thus I was hoping that in this new version, the issue in where the NVDA screen reader would read the entirety of the book information when on lists of books, would get resolved, but sadly it’s the same; it only reads the first few lines of the annotation. Browsing through the BARD Express View menu, I saw an item something about Screen Readers, whose shortcut is alt+q, but no go either! Whose fault is it that NVDA doesn’t get along as other screen readers with Bard Express? not everyone of us have the means to get Jaws; also as the years have gone by, the NVDA screen reader has been maturing to the point, where me personally, I enjoy using it, thus I feel that no matter which screen reader being used, we should be able to work with the same efficiency with the BARD Express app.
Any ideas or suggestions if there’s a setting maybe I haven’t thought abut changing to have the info read as it should, without having to go into the Book Details page for this?

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