nvda and ocr



To be honest, all ocr products by nuance are now owned by a company called cofax.

There is no garantee that cofax will keep them accessible, usually a company switch means that everything will be in limbo and will not be accessible at all but who knows.

Sometimes we get lucky.

In the case of abbyy, 300 australian for the entire thing, its still 190nz dollars for an upgrade to 15.

What extras do I get with the upgrade.

To be honest bar a few forms in print and stuff I havn't needed to ocr as much as I have had to in the past.

I have knfb reader for some of it mainly images but those again not much.

The last time I had to actually ocr paper documents was years ago.

And if I really need to convert something not in accessible pdf, the codex tool with the calibre engine is more than capible of converting what is needed.

If not, its much easier to get an accessible document rather than spend time mucking with it.

Pluss, my brother system in fact all brother printers come with paperport which is probably all a user at least a home user really needs.

True you are paying upwards of 100-300 bucks for a 100 us dollar product but this way you get a printer and the software is a full version and its free.

Is it worth the update to 15, interestingly I was never told there was an upgrade, not that I am buying it at least till there is a sale.

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