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Brian Crabtree <pandbcrabtree@...>

I have figured this out - see below - but thought I should clarify things for those kind enough to stimulate my brain with suggestions. 

The reason for the banners appearing is an EU ruling that every website has to seek your approval for its use of cookies. There is some text, a link to view their cookie policy and a button or link which dismisses the banner and adds a cookie so it doesn't come up again.

F6 does not help, as the banner is typically an element of the web page - I want to remove it because it often obscures part of the web page's contents.

I am using Chrome on Windows 10, but it doesn't matter which browser is used.

Here is a link to a site for which I struggled to find the banner, to dismiss it, but I have finally figured out that using ctrl plus home or ctrl plus end will usually find the banner and I can then use Review to find the button or link which closes the banner. The link is to

Brian Crabtree 

On 29 Jul 2016, at 16:35, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:

But the question is why is this being seen?  Also, it isn't clear whether this is a part of a web page or something displayed by the browser. F6 will only be useful if the item is displayed as certain kinds of structures by the browser and not by the web page itself.  We don't know.  We need more information.  If possible, a link to one of the pages where this occurs should be given.  List members need to see if they see the item when going to the page.  This may be something that a browser settings change will correct.  Or it may not.  Whatever it is, we need more information. 
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Hi Brian:
Try pressing f6 once or twice, I think that is the command to switch
from one pane to another.
Kevin Huber

On 7/28/16, Brian Crabtree <pandbcrabtree@...> wrote:
> Excuse me for posting this question again. Perhaps because of heavy focus on
> other topics, it got no replies the first time, but there must be folks out
> there who can supply answers.
> Please could someone suggest how to reach and dismiss the banner that comes
> up on websites, advising me that the site uses cookies.
> There is an x at the end of the banner, but I have tried everything I know,
> firstly to navigate to the banner and then to reach the x to dismiss it with
> NVDA and cannot get anywhere near it. I am on Windows 10 and the latest
> official release of NVDA.
> Is there perhaps a Windows command which helps? Brian Crabtree

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