NVDA not reading Spell Checker fields

Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Hello fellow list members,


I am using Office 2016 under Windows 10 with NVDA 2016.1.


Since I recently upgraded to Office 2016, I find that NVDA does not speak some of the essential fields in the Spell Checker. Particularly, the text that has not been found in the dictionary. The heading is there but I cannot see what text is being held. When I hit tab, NVDA speaks the suggested correction. Sometimes, I can guess which text is being amended but not always.


If I press F7 whilst editing the message, NVDA will track the spell check pointer and bring the focus to the erroneous word. If I press escape, interrupting the spell check, I usually find the focus point on the erroneous word. I have the Spell check set to activate automatically when I press send, just in case I have missed a typo as I normally do!. In this case, if I interrupt the Spell Check in order to see if I can see which word is causing the problem, I land at the beginning or end of the document but nowhere near the erroneous word.  So, I thought I would ask my helpful friends on the list if anyone can suggest anything that I can do about getting the spell check to speak the erroneous text while running?


Please help.


All the best,


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