Brian Crabtree

I don’t have any recent experience of Abbyy, but I set up Omnipage for a friend in 2018 and he finds it works well with his flatbed scanner. 

I set up two simple workflows using Omnipage itself (I can’t write scripts) and he runs them using NVDA, rather than using the buttons on the scanner. 

What follows are my instructions on using the workflows, in case they might help someone to choose between Abby and Omnipage. Here they are:

The workflows allow you to choose either to scan a physical document before doing O C R or to select a document to O C R - for example, a file that was attached to an email, so is already in electronic form but is not yet readable by NVDA.

Each set of instructions to Omnipage is called a workflow - the one you will normally want I have called "Scan to Word”. 

The way to run a scan is to start Omnipage from the TaskBar, using Windows key plus T for Tango, then arrowing to Omnipage and pressing Enter to start it.

It seems that Omnipage does not remember which workflow you were using last, so you need to change the workflow each time, as follows:
  • Load Omnipage.
  • Remove the document it has saved from the previous run, if any, by pressing alt plus f then n.
  • Press No when asked to save it.
  • Select the correct workflow using alt plus p then w to open the workflows list.
  • Arrow down to the one for “Scan to Word” and press Enter to select it.
  • Start the selected workflow using alt plus p then w then s - if you are scanning, the scan will start.
  • N B  if you choose the workflow to O C R a file that you have saved earlier (e.g. one which was attached to an email) you will be taken to a File Explorer window, to choose it, with the current directory set to Downloads, so it’s easiest if you save attachments in the Downloads folder.
  • Wait for the workflow to complete - for the scan workflow, click the "stop loading pages" button.
  • NVDA seems not to speak, so alt plus tab out & back to start speech and you should hear it speak the wording that has been recognised.
If NVDA refuses to speak, you can get Omnipage to voice the result. After pressing caps lock plus S (twice) to turn NVDA speech off:
  • turn on Omnipage's speech mode by pressing F5 or alt plus t then s.
  • press ctrl plus end to hear the result spoken.
  • you can interrupt or stop Omnipage speech by pressing F.
  • after it finishes, turn NVDA speech back on with caps lock plus S.

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