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How old is your OCR program and how well does it work currently?  I haven't followed this for many years but for a good while, I found that upgrades may have improved marginal scanning situations but that much of the time, for most scanning under good conditions, the upgrades made little or no difference. 
Or are you upgrading because what you were using doesn't run in Windows 10, which is unlikely?

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Just wandering what ocr solutions people use.

I use abbyy fine reader and its mostly ok but access wize I have
wandered at it of late.

the latest version will cost me 190 instead of the 300 or so dollars for
a new version and I could easily upgrade it.

Right now omnipage standard costs me 192 nz right now, then again, what
do people use.

I want something that is accessible which will do ocr and scanning,
images, pdfs, paper documents.

Is it worth the upgrade of fine reader or should I switch to omnipage or

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