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Do you mean you have to open NVDA settings or Eloquence settings?  There are both options.  I don't set such settings using the NVDA settings ring but I never had problems doing so opening NVDA settings and changing them there.

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What I am noticing is that with the Sappi voice you lose the ability to change speed, volume, pitch and rate. You have to open Eloquence to make those  changes.



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Is there a difference between the NVDA and the SAPI voices?





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Their support is good.



On 10/01/2020 10:51 am, Dan Kerstetter wrote:

Hello all.


Where is the best place from which to purchase the Eloquence speech synthesizer?  I’ve been to the code factory site; downloaded eloquence from their app store, but don’t know how to register/purchase it.


Any help, info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


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