Well if you have one of those scanners you probably have a stripped down abbyy sprint or omnipage anyway.

In the end I decided to get fine reader 15.

Its extremely accessible, a few buttons and a couple list columns.

My main issues are that combo boxes such as those in options do not read when scroling, and the menus especially the file menu lag quite a load and some items don't read or don't always read though those that do do have shortcut keys.

All dialogs seem to work extremely well and it was worth the upgrade.

Output of the ocr is quite good.

Sadly the ocr editer ariea is not really that accessible but even so its an improvement from v 14 at any rate.

I am also on the offer and marketing list so if there are any promos who knows.

My brother scanner also has paperport which looks to be a full version and may or may not work for me I havn't really tried that though it looks accessible.

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I use a Canon Flatbed scanner, Canon CanoScan LiDE 120, and the Canon software itself traps the scanned image as Jason describes here. That image file appears to be perfect, according to those who receive it from me as an image .PDF. On those occasions when I need access to the image file myself, I save it and open it with abbyyy Finereader which then converts it to whatever readable format I need.



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ABBYY will work with a hardware scanner as well. Alternatively, you could scan the pages to images in a PDF file before running the OCR process. Actually, some scanners generate PDF output directly, saving the file to a USB drive or sending it to you via email. However, so far as I know, none of these devices is likely to be very accessible. In my work environment, they are the modern alternative to photocopiers – someone can just process a series of pages and receive a PDF via email directly from the device.


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I was more thinking of OCR to use with a hardware scanner.  Sorry, I didn't expand on that thought originally :)


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ABBYY was updated last year. I haven’t yet purchased the upgrade, so can’t comment on the latest version. It handles document formatting well, including headings and footnotes from scanned images of journal articles.


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i use abby


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Has anyone compared OCR software lately?   I had someone ask about Omnipage 20.  I know a few people use Abbyy Finereader, but I wasn't sure how they compare or what other options are out there currently.


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