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also I am wondering if this way stops gmail from clipping your message
if its very long.

On 3/10/16, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I don't use GMail but I listened to a little of the tutorial and, as I
recall, the person says to use shift enter to open the message in a new
window. That is a good procedure and it's worth doing in a lot of other
instances as well. By opening the message in a new window, you can return
to where you were before on the other page simpley by closing the Window
with alt f4. You won't loose your place because the other window was always
opened and you are simply returning to it. I use the command routinely when
I know I want to return to a previous page and resume where I left off. For
example, when I'm on a newspaper page, I use the command to follow a link to
read an article. I can then return to the previous page by closing the new
window and never lose my place. I'm on the link I followed.

I use it when following search results on a Google page. I may want to look
at numerous results and this makes it much more convenient to look at a
result and then return to the results page.

I didn't realize the importance of this procedure for quite some time after
I started using the Internet. the importance of it should be emphasized
when teaching blind people to use the Internet. it isn't.

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Dear all,

I downloaded the mp3 version of Brandon Biggs' tutorial on NVDA with
Gmail and I have some doubts regarding that.

1. In what way(s) is/are the standard view better than basic html view?

2. What's the difference between opening a mail and opening a mail in
a new window?

Thanks and regards.

On 3/10/16, Brandon Keith Biggs <brandonkeithbiggs@...> wrote:
I use

Brandon Keith Biggs <>

On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 7:16 AM, Supanut Leepaisomboon <
supanut2000@...> wrote:

What program did you used to record the tutorial? If the desktop is
visible, I'd assume you use a screen recording program.

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