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In regards to compatibility (visiting an old thread), it ultimately depends on willingness from authors to respond to feedback from users.




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Fake clipboard announcement does what it says.  it says things like copied when you issue the command but it doesn't know if copying took place.  It is just programmed to say a word when a certain command is used.  I don't know what happends in the global plugin.  but will any of these plugins work with the upcoming new version of NVDA?



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There are others, like NVDAExtensionGlobalPlugin and FakeClipboardAnouncement, both working in my NVDA Alpha with Python 3…




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I knew I'd seen something that made these commands, and some others, be announced, and a quick web search on "NVDA announce cut copy paste commands" led me directly to:

Clipspeak -

I need to remember to follow my own advice and do a simple web search for this sort of thing.  If you give enough specific search terms you get almost straight to the solution.


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