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Brice Mijares

That happened to me yesterday while copying some MP3's. They did not get copied to the clipboard and once I pasted them where I wanted them and if I wasn't paying attention, I could of have went back to the folder where I had copied them from and deleted them.

On 1/11/2020 8:25 AM, Gene wrote:
I have, on occasion, issued the copy command and it didn't work for some reason.  Sometimes, this or that command doesn't work for some reason and I have to issue it twice, such as opening Computer.
As I've said before, this can lead to a good deal of inconvenience.  If I've copied and pasted twenty files, then I copy and paste fifteen other files somewhere else, if the control c command doesn't work, I'll copy the twenty files I've already copied to the new location.  Then I must delete them all, go back, copy the new files again and paste them again.  it would be so much simpler if I heard something like copied when I use control c and I hear nothing if the command doesn't work.
There is an add-on which I have no idea if it will work in the beta or upcoming new version of NVDA, that allows you to hear such announcements.  It should be in the program itself, System Access does this, and JAWS does this.
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I use cut, copy and paste a lot, every day.
Sometimes the paste command does not work, and that is because I did not make sure  I had the text or item selected.
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Probably because it's generally not considered necessary (though I'll be shocked if someone doesn't come back saying there's a setting you can use to do just that).
Visually, you get no indicator that a copy has occurred, though a cut is obvious since something disappears and a paste is just as obvious because something appears.  That being said, the CTRL+C (copy), CTRL+X (cut), and CTRL+V (paste) commands are used so frequently and are, in my experience, 100% reliable or very close to it, and become such an automatic thing for keyboard shortcut users that announcement as a default would be auditory clutter.
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