Libro FM got an accessibility upgrade.


I'm not sure how many here shop for audiobooks, but Libro FM is a DRM free alternative to Audible, that will also let you support your local indie bookstore. Anyway, I've done hours of testing with NVDA and the website is far more usable now. My next task is to make the search results a heading level 2, but keep the category filter and stuff at level 3 headings. Anyway, I worked hard with the team. I also stressed the need to create a culture of accessibility, not just rely on me for everything. We still have work to do, and, even as this goes out, an IOS update just rolled out with more than 10 accessibility fixes. Below is my affiliate link. Give it a look. I didn't test with Android, but I made sure they coded the Android app to the same accessibility standards. NVDA works best with the site, but it should work with JAWS.

Robert's referral link.

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