Re: NVDA - Can it read the subtitles in movies?


On Sun, Jan 12, 2020 at 11:47 AM, Rob Hudson wrote:
Ideally you'd want to read the subs on a braille display.
This would be ideal, but not what I'd thought of when the phrase "read subtitles" was used.  It makes perfect sense, but never would have occurred to me since I can see.

I would also be curious as to what the exact need is, not because it's any of my business, but because there are other possible solutions.  I have high frequency hearing loss and recently started wearing hearing aids which have bluetooth capability.  I am able to have sound from my computer piped directly to my aids, which allows me to hear all sorts of things that I could not hear when having to listen through laptop speakers.  For years I used closed captions (and they're still on) for television but I don't need to read them nearly as much as I once did if I'm wearing my hearing aids when watching.

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