locked Re: NVDA remote


The latest information on NVDA Remote was discussed, at length, in the topic  NVDA remote 
on this very forum.  The single message with the greatest detail regarding the current status of NVDA Remote was this one by Joseph Lee.

The current NVDA remote will only work with NVDA up through the NVDA 2019.2 release.

I have stated that I will lock any topic on NVDA Remote until or unless something changes, so this topic is now locked.

When any major news about NVDA Remote becomes available you may be assured that it will be announced here.  Until and unless that happens, if you must have access to NVDA remote you will need to stay on an NVDA release that is earlier than NVDA 2019.3.  There is currently no projected date for getting NVDA Remote functioning with NVDA 2019.3 and later, but the need is recognized.

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