Re: NVDA - Can it read the subtitles in movies?


Rob, as of now, I don't think any screen reader can read subtitles. If those
titles originated with the actual film, for all purposes they are just
images, not real text to be spoken. If the titles are broadcast added them
to are not accessible. The suggestion of finding an English audio described
version of the film is your best bet. Start by searching on the ACB Audio
Description Project at:

Let us know what you find. You might also want to post that question to the
ADP [project list. The add your name to the list is on the site.
Rick, a blind film teacher

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Is there any way that I can make NVDA read the subtitles from movies?
Is there a video player that I can use? I'm on Windows 7. Thanks
If the subtitle is a bitmap, i.e a picture, no way. There is theoretically a
way in vlc to see them, if they are actual text pieces scrolling on the
screen, but i Haven't found a way.

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