Re: ocr solutions



Well thats sort of decided it for me then.

I have been buying and going with abbyy for ages, I will probably stay where I am then.

Eventually this stuff will just not work and while I really like k1000 and may still eventually buy it, if I am going to buy something expensive, I'd much buy as much mainstream software with specialised addons or something rather than spending a lot of cash on stuff that no one knows or worse can't help me with that I have to doodle with.

Eventually I'd like one of those docuscans or eyepal devices but thats for later.

I can't have em all, and my next purchice is a dish smart tv module for my crappy non smart tv which will cost less than a new, bigger tv which will not fit in my room.

On 13/01/2020 8:47 am, Don H wrote:
Open book hasn't been updated for years and I don't think that FS is planning on updating it any time soon.


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