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Monte Single

Isn't there an ocr addon for nvda?

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Hmph, another reason to maybe not use jaws, to be honest, if nvda could
have some scanner addon which could use finereader engine and others I'd
probably buy it, I mean I'd like a standalone program to but still.

It seems the best way forward is mainstream software then.

I'd like to know if those that use omnipage especially the later
versions and the ultimate version especially find it better than abbyy
or whatever.

I have a user staying on abyy 12 because its accessible, however, it
means I am using older software which will probably go out of date.

There was a time 3 or so years back when the network relied on dragon
naturally speaking and an offer/add came up from nuance about omnipage
and a rediculous offer on ultimate but I never took that.

On 13/01/2020 9:05 am, Sky Mundell wrote:
No they aren't they said they're now putting the OCR functions in JAWS.

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Open book hasn't been updated for years and I don't think that FS is
planning on updating it any time soon.

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