Excel and VBa 2010 Questions

Pele West

Hi Everyone

I am using Windows 7, Excel 2010 and am learning NVDA. I am a long-time
user of Window-Eyes and realise I will have to get out of the habit of
using it soon. I have the following questions:

1. What is the trick in NVDA to go to a specific worksheet in a workbook?
I have a workbook containing nearly 150 worksheets and would like to
activate a sheet using its name. I can press <NVDA+F7> to bring up the
elements list and can see Worksheets, but it does not show me a list of

2. Is there a way to stop VBA 2010 missing out lines in my code? I seem
to be able to find the line I want and then it disappears.

3. Recently Excel 2010 has been acting very strangely. If I am looking
at a worksheet or VBA macro and switch to another program it does not
appear to access it although the title bar says it has focus. The only
way I can resolve the situation is to close everything down.Can anyone


pele West

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