Re: NVDA with Windows 10 Pe

John Isige

I don't have Windows PE, but Narrator can read a lot of Windows now. For
instance, if you have to do an install from scratch, or a reset,
Narrator can read that. It can't read the menu that let's you reset or
whatever, but once that's going, you can activate Narrator and get
feedback and select options and all. So the first thing I'd do, if I
were them, is boot the thing and see if Narrator comes up. I had to do a
Windows install a while back and I was able to boot the DVD or whatever
and do it myself, this only applies to Windows 10 of course.

On 1/13/2020 1:24 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:
Hi guys

I have been asked the following question below. I have not used the
program but some one else might of.

By the way has any one got a updated link to the images either the
link is timing out or broken to them.

he is after the windows 10 version or he might already have it?

Hi Gene,
Happy new year to you,
I thought you would be the best person to question on this one.
I’ve just taken on a new role and one of the things I should be doing
is reimaging computers
One of the tools used in this situation is to back up all data from
user folders etc with a tool called:
This product runs on a Windows 10 PE installation from a flash drive.
I did a quick search on / through Google
And it appears NVDA is able to work from / on Windows PE or at least
was able to back in mid 2019.
I just want to confirm that this is possible and if anyone within the
NVDA team might have suggestions on how to ensure things work correctly.
Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Gene nz

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