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Kerryn Gunness <k_gunness@...>

i use abby 12
i have problems with navigating the menu, nvda does not read the menu options

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Subject: Re: [nvda] abbyy fine reader 15 issues

Hmmm, well its 189 bucks but yeah.

With all the accessible scanner solutions either in doubt or just not updated or in limbo, bar maybe text cloner which costs 50 or so dollars less than mainstream software.

Its another thing.

I know we as blind will find it better using specialised software, however I think in my opinion that if we want to try to get more software accessible and integrate a bit more into the sightling world that were we can we should use mainstream to a point.

If its not at all accessible, I understand but if it is accessible or at least usable and the company is receptive to us then I'd push for full access.

Its not going to make everyone help us or everything accessible.

Steam for example has variable access though its going chromium so that may change, to quite a lot of third party security tools and there may be more.

Access has come a long way mind you.

A lot of games are accessible.

And anything that has to do with reading, office documents and recognition seems to have stronger accessability than standard.

And while its not always the case, it seems to be the smaller the maker the more ready they are to change.

It would be nice if all the big companies were accessible but if not all the big, the small to medium stuff.

One thing I have noticed not just in fine reader, but other places, is the mentallity that if it works with jaws, then it works for everything.

And while that has been the case for a while, I am unsure if it still is.

Back when I did use jaws 6, I knew that like nvda it was heavily script driven.

However like older pre xp windows 98, where every bit of hardware needed a driver installed and you had to get a lot of those yourself, everything needed a thirdparty script at least thats what it felt like to me.

Probably not everything but I remember having to get scripts for things that in other readers I had like supernova didn't need scripts to even work properly if at all.

Never mind the licencing which again, was not the best, ie, home for windows home, pro for windows pro.

It didn't bring me more features, at least they seemed to have ditched that scheme now.

On 14/01/2020 7:53 am, Gene wrote:
You shouldn't, but it sure is nice to save eight or nine hundred dollars and get the current version.
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Subject: Re: [nvda] abbyy fine reader 15 issues

Well its not exactly difficult, but its just I should be able to read the window is all.

Like I should be able to scroll the combo boxes in options and access the menus without delays.

I didn't have this issue on finereader version 12 to 14 as such though others I know say that some of the buttons had issues but I never had them so I can't really comment.

On 14/01/2020 7:38 am, Gene wrote:
If the window appears to be blank, what happens if you select all, then copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into Notepad?
In a very old version I used to use, my recollection is that if I did that, then scanned another page, new text replaced the old and I could add pages by copying and pasting.  It was a little extra work but if you are going to save eight or nine hundred dollars, its worth it.
I don't recall what was inconvenient or difficult to use regarding the recognized text in the window.
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Subject: [nvda] abbyy fine reader 15 issues


I am in discussons with abbyy  on the fine reader program.

Can someone else test the latest v15 please, the trial will do,

1.  do the combo boxes in options not read when scroling.

2.  is there a delay on all the menus in particular the file menu and
are all things read.

3.  is the ocr editor working right and reading things.

In my case the file menu delays in both nvda and narator of course abyy
want me to use jaws which I won't be doing, though narator does work.

Options do read though narator does speak a lot of extra info.

Nvda reads the options but you have to tab and shift tab a bit when

When I have used the ocr editor the main window where text is seems to
be blank.

These may be spaciffic nvda issues and how it interacts, maybe it needs
an addon.

Maybe after we switch over to 2019.3 I may look into seeing how to write
addons maybe.

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