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Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Hi Pele,

My answers are indicated with the letter "A:" following your original

1. What is the trick in NVDA to go to a specific worksheet in a workbook?
I have a workbook containing nearly 150 worksheets and would like to
activate a sheet using its name. I can press <NVDA+F7> to bring up the
elements list and can see Worksheets, but it does not show me a list of
A: Tab twice after you see 2Worksheets" and you will have all the sheets
listed there. Press the first letter of the desired worksheet if you know
its name.

2. Is there a way to stop VBA 2010 missing out lines in my code? I seem to
be able to find the line I want and then it disappears.
A: "Disappears"?
2.1. Have you maximised the screen?
2.2. Have you more than one module in the VBA editor? Try pressing
control+tab to see if the code comes back.
3. Try using NVDA+control +F to search the VBA script and see if your code
is thee.
2.4. Test to see if all your code is present by pressing control+shift+end
from the top of the document and copy the highlighted text to Notepad++ and
see if the text is actually present.

3. Recently Excel 2010 has been acting very strangely. If I am looking at a
worksheet or VBA macro and switch to another program it does not appear to
access it although the title bar says it has focus. The only way I can
resolve the situation is to close everything down.Can anyone advise?
A: I'm not sure what you mean here. Is it that the other program cannot be
accessed or that you cannot return to the Excel screen? Could yo clarify
your meaning here?
3.1. Try maximising the Excel screen when you return to it.
3.2. Press the left alt key twice to refresh the NVDA focus and see if that
brings up the details of the screen.

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